The historic tombs of Hyderabad – new tourist destinations in India

Are you looking for new tourist destinations in India? Etched with Islamic phrases and embellished by concentric patterns, archways, domes and halls, the historic tombs of Hyderabad are magnificent in their design and stature, eerie in their function and lonesome location.

tourist destinations in India

These fantastic monuments are the resting places of the fearsome Qutb Shahi family, which are known to ruled the Golconda Kingdom in southern India’s Hyderabad region for nearly 170 years in the 16th and 17th centuries.

But as the Qutb Shahi dynasty receded into history, their tombs were forgotten, becoming dusty and decayed. Until recently.

The new 108 acres Qutb Shahi Heritage Park, made up of 75 monuments, is being rejuvenated as part of a 10-year project aimed at restoring its ancient grandeur.

An organization called “Aga Khan Trust for Culture” is tasked with leading this project, describing these tombs as one of India’s most significant Islamic historical sites.

While in the past the tombs were not a major tourist attraction, Trust spokeswoman Archana Saad Akhtar tells CNN they expect visitor numbers to increase tenfold after the restoration is complete.

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Once restored, they might rank alongside the Taj Mahal as one of India’s architectural wonders.